Avi Schwab

Avi Schwab

I'm a web developer & photographer.

I take photos. Sometimes people like those photos. Even more rarely, people who like those photos use them in their publications. Here are a few of those.

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2012 1 14 wbc thumb 640xauto 767529 article

Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To Picket Aaron Swartz's Funeral

Is there a group out there Westboro Baptist Church won’t picket?...

2009 11 10 chili01 thumb 640xauto 456446 article

The Arts of Life and Half Acre Brewery's Chili Cook-Off: The Winning Recipe

Lots of money was raised for Arts of Life and a great...

2014 9 3 pepper thumb 640xauto 857922 article

Illinois Loves Green Bell Peppers, Meat

One of the most bland foodstuffs is the most distinctive in Illinois....

2012 7 25 food truck3 thumb 640xauto 730118 article

Food Truck Ordinance Passes City Council

Food trucks in Chicago will now be able to cook and prepare their food to order for customers after the City Council approved of Mayor Emanuel's food truck ordinance this morning by a 45-4 vote, with one abstention....

2012 04 16 truck thumb 640xauto 707544 article

Deregulating The Mobile Food Industry: A (Libertarian) Symposium On Food Trucks

What's stopping more food trucks from taking to the streets?...

2014 6 11 cobbgate article

The 12 Best Buildings And Skyscrapers In Chicago

Few cities are as proud of their architecture as Chicago. These buildings truly tickle our fancy and have us making no little plans....

2009 11 10 chili01 thumb 640xauto 456446 article

Put Your Chili Recipe To The Test With Half Acre Charitable Chili Cookoff

Think your chili recipe is the best? Then enter this annual event happening Nov. 1....

2015 02 food trucks thumb 640xauto 879438 article

Will Your Next Alderman Support Food Trucks?

How do aldermanic candidates feel about repealing the ordinance that requiring food trucks to be 200 feet away from restaurants to operate?...